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Our Academics

2020-2021 AzM2 Scores

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Curriculum Philosophy

Our fundamental goal with regard to the curriculum is to inspire all students to become lifelong learners. Therefore, we strive to make all of our curricular material both meaningful and productive. Our teachers work tirelessly to create lessons that meet and exceed the objectives and standards set forth by the Arizona Department of Education. In addition, many of the lessons are designed to offer real life experiences that are meant to reinforce the basics of reading, writing, math, science, social studies, health, art, foreign language, music, technology, and physical education. CEE teachers are trusted with the responsibility of modifying the curriculum in an effort to meet the needs of individual students.


STEAM is the new initiative that is sweeping the country and challenging schools to think differently about how we teach Science. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. CEE is proud to say that we are incorporating these different disciplines using a variety of methods. We celebrate our students’ interests and accomplishments each spring at our STEM Family Night.


All of our Kindergarten through Eighth grade students have access to our state of the art computer labs where they take part in lessons based on Arizona’s TECHNOLOGY Standards. In addition to the computer labs, each classroom is equipped with the latest technology for faculty and students to further enhance our technology curriculum. 


Our students are offered a comprehensive math program which allows each student to progress at their own pace. Our math program allows students to accelerate as they are ready, meaning students have the opportunity to take Algebra 1 and Geometry in middle school!

Language Arts

Our fully inclusive Language Arts program begins in the younger grades with letter and sound recognition and phonics as each student learns to read at their own pace. All students participate in high-quality, engaging read alouds and literature studies as we incorporate our science and social studies content into the curriculum. Students are taught writing strategies, note taking skills, and reading fluency and comprehension across all aspects of the curriculum. In addition, all students have a 'Just Right Book' with them at all times as the highest indication of reading success is pages read, pages read, pages read!

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