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Parent Testimonials:

CEE COVID RESPONSE: The staff at CEE did an amazing job! The principal Ms. Cochran and teachers acted quickly, efficiently, and professionally. Staff prepared both weekly content for website learning in addition to pick up paper packets for those that did not have internet. All core subjects were covered. A 1x week Zoom (complete with fun activities) or phone call were available so students could feel connected. Teachers answered calls and/or emails quickly if any questions or concerns arise. Very Grateful for all that this school did during unprecedented times.

CEE has been a wonderful school for my children. Its a diverse school where the culture is inclusion and classmates are supportive and kind. They cater to all skill levels and allow a child to do accelerated work if they are needing more of a challenge than what is offered at their grade level. The teachers have been really wonderful and my kids are thriving here. Now at CEE for 3 years, my children feel safe, supported, and are happy kids who love to attend school each day.

The school is a safe place that offers my child the complete school experience that includes extracurricular activities as well as the vital curriculum to turn her into a well-rounded student and person. Also, because the school is smaller than many other schools, I enjoy the feeling that “everyone knows each other” and recognizes my daughter. She’s not a nameless face in the crowd.

We LOVE CEE! It's been a phenomenal experience, both for our children (with their love of the school, the teachers, their classmates, and learning) and for us (as parents who are grateful for a school that cares about the well-rounded growth of our children in every area). We HIGHLY recommend CEE.

We enjoy being a part of a small school community where it is easy to get in touch with teachers and the principal. The school environment and culture is very embracing of all students and their backgrounds. The school is flexible and always looking for ways to improve their academic curriculum and extra curricular experiences for students. Homework is reasonable, has a purpose and is not an exhausting-pointless chore for the student to complete.

After researching and touring half a dozen schools in Tempe, none could compare to CEE. The teachers and staff are warm and welcoming, the STEAM approach accommodates all 3 of our children’s strengths and interests, and the level of commitment and passion the Principal devotes to the school is remarkable! We are extremely pleased with our choice.

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